What's behind the napping bear?

  • I am Lauryna, the founder and creator of Napping Bear.

    Since I was a little girl, linen was a big part of my life: my mother, who is a designer, used to dress me up in linen clothes, which made me fall in love with this raw and authentic fabric even more. This inspired me to learn more about the technical side of fashion as well: how to sew and what fits who best.

    I finished my bachelor studies in fashion engineering and continued my master’s in innovation management and entrepreneurship - all while working in marketing and my family business - LinenSheep.

  • Lauryna Tamošaitytė

    founder and creator of Napping Bear

  • While working and studying simultaneously, I had a fair share of sleepless nights. In all honesty - it wasn’t pretty. Doing many things is exhilarating but oh -- so very tiring, especially when sleep is the last thing on your agenda.

    It took me a while to appreciate (and achieve) a good full night’s sleep. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to encourage people to take their rest more seriously (and go around giving high-fives to everyone having 8+ hours of sleep).

  • This is what led me to create comfy, durable, sustainable pajamas, and, pardon my french, smack-my-ass beautiful.

  • So welcome to Napping Bear, where we encourage the doers of this world to take care of themselves and make their ideas come to life fully rested!

  • P.S. Everyone’s a morning person - they just don’t know it yet. Fancy a nap, anyone?