Why is it important to sleep in high-quality linen pajamas?

Why is it important to sleep in high-quality linen pajamas?

You might be surprised to hear that one of the leading causes of accidents and unproductivity in the workplace is sleeplessness - otherwise called insomnia.

This disorder leads to so many complications like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and other health issues that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers it as one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century.

Sleep statistics revealed that over 68% of Americans have difficulty falling asleep at least once a week. This means that more than half the population in the US have days when they can’t fall asleep. Wow!

It is also important to note that sleeping pills do not cure insomnia as The National Sleep Foundation recorded that 1 in 4 Americans take different medications to sleep well. However, there is no evidence that medications can cure insomnia.

In view of these, therapy lessons are usually recommended to help people sleep better and one of the key factors in these lessons includes sleeping in high-quality pajamas.

As human beings, a nice night rest is a principal factor in our general health and wholeness. We at Napping Bear believe that everyone, irrespective of their age, gender or race deserve to have a rejuvenating night rest at all times. Hence the reason why Napping Bear Linen Pajamas was produced.

This article will be giving you an in-depth explanation on how linen pajamas can help in getting quality sleep and why every family should have one in their arsenal.

But first, let’s see what pajamas are and why they are important for sleep.

What Are Pajamas?

Simply put, pajamas are a pair of loose fitting material suitable for sleeping.

Why Is It Important To Sleep in High-Quality Pajamas?

Every attire we put on harmonizes with our mood.

The same way our work wears depicts professionalism and social wear spikes up our enjoyment mood. Pajamas relaxes our body after the day's work and makes us feel comfy. It complements your sleep time mode.

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond exercising, reducing strenuous activities, eating balanced diets. These life habits are important but excitement is another factor, it releases certain hormones in us and it can be as simple as just wearing high-quality pajamas to bed.

Pajamas can improve the quality of sleep in various ways, some of which are:


Sleeping in a chilly room for a long period without proper coverings will lead to cold and advance to hypothermia. Pajamas protect the body from cold throughout the night. They are perfect for snuggling in during a cold or rainy night, coupled with the feeling of ultimate comfort, they are guaranteed to give you a heavenly feeling.


Sleep is a rejuvenating and healing process. During sleep, the skin sheds dead cells and renews itself. These dead cells are full of microorganisms and which are capable of causing infections when they accumulate. Sleeping in pajamas will cause the microorganisms and dead skin shed in your dress and not on your bedspread. The pajamas act as a barrier between the body and the bedsheets, this is why it is advised that pajamas be frequently washed.


Comfortability is very important in getting a good night's sleep. Being cozy in your sleep will help you get into a deep sleep quickly and let you stay there for a good amount of time without interruptions.

The material of the pajamas has to be comfortable. At Napping Bear we offer linen pajamas fabric choices that are natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable


Linen is an all-natural material derived from a popular flax plant. The fabric has been in use for a very long time and it is the most comfortable material in the clothing industry.

The use of linen has been extended to the pajamas and beddings. Linen’s longevity is astounding as the fabric becomes softer and better the more you wash and use it.

Apart from its longevity, linen is also very strong and it has adsorbent properties which makes it ideal for hot weather. It is breathable and extremely comfortable on the skin.

We've compiled some benefits of linen pajamas and their amazing benefits for human health.

They include;


Linen is known for its permeability and coolness especially in hot weather. Linen gives room for temperature regulation and also allows air circulation. This keeps the skin dry and comfortable.


Heat is one of the major causes of restlessness and insomnia. People with sweat issues often get uncomfortable due to the irritation it causes on the skin. This can lead to sleepless nights and form scars on the skin.

Nevertheless, linen fabric is soft, breathable and highly adsorbent - all the propeties you could ever want in a sleeping material.

It also dries fast, and doesn't weigh one down while sleeping. The material softens when used and washed over time.


Resistivity to abrasion damage is another important advantage of linen. Linen pajamas do not stretch nor lose their shape after washing, rather, they feel softer and more comfortable over time.

Also, due to its low thread count and loose weave property, it hardly retains dust, making it a nontoxic material.


Our luxurious linen pajamas sets at  Napping bear are cozy, comfortable, and also very classy. This allows the pajamas to be worn both indoors and outdoors.


Sustainable clothing is now on the rise, this is why linen pajamas becoming increasingly prominent. In addition to being long lasting, linen can also be recycled.

At Napping Bear, we encourage people to take care of themselves and make their ideas come to life fully rested by creating durable, comfy, and sustainable pajamas.


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