Perfect pajama set: how to choose wisely?

Perfect pajama set: how to choose wisely?

Sharing some most important tips on choosing the ideal pajamas you can wear and enjoy every day, keeping in mind sustainable buying. 


🌿 Material - look for natural materials, such as linen, silk, or organic cotton. Remember, not everything that shines as silk is silk. Check the labels, ask the right questions. Natural materials are more expensive than synthetic or artificial materials. Look for quality. You deserve it!
Linen is a perfect choice because it is entirely natural, eco-friendly, and adapts to your body temperature and body movements. Hence, it’s super comfortable, and it gets better and better every night. Don’t be afraid of wrinkles. They are soft and make your pajamas more fluffy. Silk pajamas are hypoallergic and super soft. If you are allergic to linen or have susceptible skin, it’s a great substitute.
Why are synthetic or artificial materials, not the best choice for pajamas? You spend at least 8 hours in your pajamas, and you want your body to rest and relax as much as possible. Synthetic materials are not breathable and don’t adapt to your body as natural ones do. So when you sleep, you can feel too hot or even sweat. That creates discomfort for your body, and you can’t rest properly.  

💜 Comfort - is the model of pajamas loose and comfy? Are pajamas constraining your strangest movements? How do you feel? Let your body just be when it’s sleeping. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Pick the right size and let your body breathe. 

 🧐 Longevity - choose pajamas that are will not wear off after a few nights. How to check that? First of look for good, and 100% natural materials, which don’t contain polyester or polyamide. Check the seams. Is it vital? Does it have a care label? Cheap pajamas wear off pretty quickly, so you have to replace them more often. Invest in high-quality pajamas and keep in mind the care label so that you wouldn’t shorten the product’s longevity. 

🌎 Is it good for the planet earth? - in times like these, it’s essential to look for sustainable brands that create responsibly and provide the best possible quality over quantity. Support local and small business, they provide the highest value product and puts a lot of love in everything they do. So do good and help small sustainable brands build their dreams while wearing those cute pajamas.   

🍑 Is it cute? - The last and the most important one. Would you wear all day Saturday making pancakes and dancing to your favorite tunes? Do you feel cute in it? If yes, you know your answer! It’s essential to choose your clothes and even pajamas that fit your style, and you just love the design. Wear clothes that make you happy. 

Just a few tips to keep in mind when buying a new set of pajamas. Be mindful of the things you buy, and make sure they make you happy, and they are durable and can be used for a few years and not just for a few times. 

Good night! 

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