What do you need to know about linen clothes?

What do you need to know about linen clothes?

Sometimes you may hear that linen is a fanciful fabric. Well, it is true, because if you do not know how to care for linen clothes, you can damage them. So, we will share a few tips for taking care of your clothes from the linen also known as WWC.



There is no doubt, that if you want to catch someone’s eye with your clothes, you should carefully do washing, drying, and ironing. Sometimes after parties’ clothes can be in dire straits. In this case, only chemical cleaning is the only solution to save the clothes. However, chemical cleaning can be expensive, so it is useful to know, how to suitable wash linen clothes. At first, it might be best to wash linen clothes at a low temperature (on cycles at 30°C) on Easy Care or another program and use a mild detergent. Washing at 30 degrees can keep your colors vibrant and minimize shrinking. In the future properly washed linen clothes will be softer and milder. Also, not always is appropriate to use the conventional washing machine for linen materials. Usually, laundry could be marked for hand washing or dry cleaning only. Otherwise, you should attentively review the type of linen clothes. If they are vintage or embroidered, then you will need them hand-washed in cold water. So, washing handmade linen clothes is not difficult as building rockets. Merely, you should know step by step what to do.

We are used to ironing the majority of our clothes. However, is not necessary to iron laundries from linen material unless they are crushed. Certainly, if you have an item that needs pressing, then iron with a medium-hot iron on the steam setting while the fabric is still damp. White linen is better ironed on both sides and dark or colorful linen should be pressed only on the reverse side. Also, linen material has the feature to be a bit wrinkled. So, if you don’t mind the wrinkled look, don’t overdo it with the iron since linen fabric will stay stronger and less damaged if don’t use the heat of an iron on it. 

Indeed, if the question may arise: “Is it possible to dry your handmade laundries in a tumble?”, the answer is absolute yes! The most appropriate would be to dry linen clothes at a low temperature and remove them from tumble while they are a little bit wet. Then hang everything and wait till you can dressed to kill everybody on the street. 



Linen is 30 percent stronger than cotton. For this reason, linen clothes you can wear longer than typical. However, it is a must to know the best way to wear linen clothes. Probably, linen clothes are suitable for all four seasons. Despite this, we can’t recall that clothes which are made from natural fabric we can wear under and coat or jacket. Linen otherwise than silk can maintain body temperature. Because of that to wear linen clothes will be healthier not only in bed or during the summer. Furthermore, flax fibers don’t stretch a great deal and are resistant to damage caused by abrasion. That clothes will not lose their shape after washing, if anything, they will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time. So, if you wear your linen clothes like walk-on eggs, you will be happy with them longer.


Clothing storage

Last but not least is useful and important to store suitable linen clothes. Whereas linen is a natural material, linen clothes should be stored simply in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, you can’t put your linen clothes as simply as we said on the shelf. First of all, the place where you would like to store stuff that is made from linen should be dry, without plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and cedar chests. Also, linen has insect-repellent properties so you should have nothing to fear from moths or other gloomy creatures. By the way, don’t leave behind that after that washing it must give them a good airing. Finally, the last three main rules:


· only clean and dry linen clothes are put in storage;

· folding and packing your items before storage is a must;

· fold or roll your clothes for storage;


And there is no doubt, that if you comply with these three rules and WWC, the future generations will be happy with a frugal and friendly environment relative.



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