Tips for great night sleep: pajamas, environment, foods and drinks before sleep

Tips for great night sleep: pajamas, environment, foods and drinks before sleep


There is no doubt that everyone would like to sleep like a log. However, currently the majority of people suffer for having a bad sleep or insomnia (inability to sleep). So, if you dream to sleep well every night, we have a few recommendations for you:

Suitable pajamas

As we know there are so many types of pajamas. For instance, women can wear nightgowns, oversized shirts. Both sexes can sleep with joggers and T-shirts, shorts and tank tops, onesies or only with underwear. Nevertheless, the most important thing for sleeping clothes is their material. Namely, pajamas which are made of linen allow your skin to breathe. Also, material which was mentioned has a feature to absorb moisture and sweat. That is why linen pajamas are especially great for those who get hot at night as it draws moisture, sweat and keeps you cool at night. Moreover, linen pajamas are a long-term investment for rigid material which ensures its strength and longevity. For this reason, you don’t need to buy new clothes for sleeping for a long time.

Create a restful environment

It is necessary to mention that without suitable pajamas is also important the environment where you sleep. So, if your room does not have any device for light, it is possible that you will sleep well. Namely, darkness which is during the night helps our brains to produce a hormone, melatonin. Melatonin production causes feelings of sleepiness and relaxation. For this reason, it is useful in an environment where you won't have any TV lights. Also, it is recommended 2 hours before sleep don’t use your smartphone or install an app that blocks blue light. Moreover, it is important to maintain proper temperature (from 15.6 to 22.0 degrees Celsius) in your room before going to bed. Lastly, your sleep won’t be great without a high quality, clean mattress and bedding.

Pay attention what you eat and drink before sleep

Last but not least it is useful and important not only to lie down on a high-quality mattress wearing comfortable linen pajamas but also your eating habits. The most not recommended is to consume caffeine or alcohol before going to bed. Namely, alcohol negatively affects melatonin production and enhances symptoms of snoring or disrupted sleeping. Well, if you choose to drink caffeine instead of alcohol before sleep, in your dreams you would be like tossing and turning. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. For this reason, the body may stop naturally relaxing at night. Also, if you have a cup of tea for cheese balls with jalapenos, nachos or Buffalo wings, you would rather eat it for lunch instead of dinner. Spicy and fatty food is tougher for the stomach to digest than bananas or proteins. So, for a great night's sleep it is necessary to drink water and eat food which contains serotonin or melatonin, for instance, berries, almonds, kiwi, bananas, turkey or cherry juice.

There are many tips and tricks for sleeping like a log. So, if you would like to make your sleep quality better than ever, then change your daily habits from sleeping clothes to environment.


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