How to create a slow morning routine? Beginner edition

How to create a slow morning routine? Beginner edition

Let's talk about your slow morning routine!🤍

Waking up and being present in the moment keeps your mind sane in this hectic world and perfectly prepares you for whatever day you have. Sometimes we become so used to running, jumping, and tackling every check on a to-do list before we even wake up. And that threw us off the balance. To keep you sane and not to burn out it’s important to have a slow morning routine, even for few minutes. 

Where to start?
Start with only a 15-20min routine, here are the simple guides:

🐣 after waking up don’t grab your phone. 
Just sit still and let your body wake up, try not to think about the tasks, just enjoy being, notice how you feel and what you want. In your mind say thank you for another day, for your pet, family, or anything that makes you just a little bit happy. Sending grateful thoughts into the universe and being thankful boosts your mood and you are totally gonna step out of bed on the right foot.

Pro tip: You can set your ‘do not disturb’ mode on your phone, throughout the whole night, and in the morning, new notifications, messages, and calls that can wait won’t bother you. And if there is something really really important you can manage the number that would go through the ‘do not disturb’ mode. But remember it’s your time, and if you won’t make time for yourself, nobody will do it for you. Everything can wait until you are fully awake and mindful!

💧 drink a glass of water, to wake up your stomach. Yes, this point can be applied everywhere, because we usually don’t drink enough water. But in the morning especially drink at least the same amount of coffee cup, you so badly want in the morning.

☕️ take time to make yourself some good coffee or tea if you prefer. Enjoy every sip.
I once heard a phrase ‘If you don’t have time for a good cup of coffee in the morning, is this is how you want to live your life’. Not running, not multitasking, at least in the morning. Create your own coffee ritual and actually taste the coffee, not just chug down.

🤸‍♀️ stretch out, do some push-ups, sit-ups, or dance it out, just to start your blood pumping and your body to start releasing some serotonin and dopamine. You don’t need to spend 1 hour of full cardio training, also, you can do your excersie in your pajamas.  Exercising can take up to 10 or 15minutes. And if you make it your routine and do it every day, you not only gonna feel energized but stronger after some time. We all can have 15 minutes in the morning before shower.

Even after a short routine like that, you can start your day with a better mood and energy still in your pajamas. Spending your morning already worried about the day or scrolling through social media right after you wake up, doesn’t let you feel or have your own emotions and thoughts. Especially for people who have creative tasks is difficult to create something new, when even your day starts with other people thoughts. As you understood already every single step is connected with being mindful and noticing what are you doing, how are you feeling, inviting new ideas and new thoughts to your mind. 

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