6 Self care tips in the midst of the pandemic: from dancing alone to right pajama set

6 Self care tips in the midst of the pandemic: from dancing alone to right pajama set

In the midst of the pandemic, the best thing you can do is sit at home, simple, huh? Yes, but some things are important to stay sane. First and most importantly, you need to take care of yourself like never before. Sometimes it isn’t easy to stay positive or even know what to do, which is okay. Let these feelings be and look for ways how you can make your day better. Here are some tips that could help with taking care of yourself during the pandemic.

1. Sleep 😴

Sleep is so important. It recharges you and builds the immune system. Also, it makes you happier and brings fulfilment. So this is the time to sleep in and fix your sleeping routine. Did you know normally the human body needs no less than 8 hours of sleep every night? And going to sleep every night at the same time regulates your circadian rhythm, so when you wake up, you are full of energy and are fully rested. Pick comfy linen pajamas and embrace the sleep you so desperately need!

2. Say no 🌻

Say no to anything you are not feeling - friends, family, zoom parties, etc. Don’t watch that bad movie, don’t end that book you didn’t like. Choose what makes you happy, what sparks joy, and what you enjoy. It’s important to listen to your body and feel in control. At least in some parts of your life!

3. Eat good foods 🥑

Now that you have time learn a new recipe, use good ingredients, and enjoy the process. It not only fills your tummy but your soul also. A few examples from where to start: sweet potato and chickpeas curry, chilly stew, or baking pizza from the ground up. Whatever you like, it’s not only will be delicious, but you will also learn something new!

4. Let yourself be🧘‍♀️

You don’t have to read hundreds of books. You don’t have to start a business or move mountains, be. It’s ok just to lay low and not do things. That is also taking care of yourself, not creating a burden on your back for no apparent reason.

5. Not watching the news, it’s ok too 👀

You don’t have to know everything. Choose your mental health first. Essential information will reach you either way. Don’t obsess over knowing every detail, and not all information is worth knowing.

6. Move your body 💃

Slow yoga stretch or taking a walk is enough. Please don’t push it for that six-pack in 6-weeks. Move it. Even an awkward dancing session in your pajamas is good enough exercise in these times. Moving your body will let go of the tension and stress you have in your body and release serotonin, which stabilizes your mood and happiness. So after a run or a dancing session, you will literally be happier!

There are many ways of taking care of yourself. You have to find the best way for you! These are just some tips to get the conversation in your head started. Be mindful about what you are doing and how you are feeling about it! This will bring calmness into your life, and you will feel more grounded in these disturbing times. Stay safe and stay healthy, my napping bears! 💜

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