What is linen and why you should sleep in linen pajama?

What is linen and why you should sleep in linen pajama?

What is linen?

Linen (/ˈlɪnən/) is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. (according to Wikipedia).

circling back to the old day's linen was an expensive and luxury material. It was appreciated because of its durability, breathability, and its adaptation to temperatures. And surprise surprise, not that long ago linen had a come back when people started looking for something natural, durable and eco-friendly, they once again found linen. An there is a great reason for that.

Why linen is good?

Linen is strong and lightweight material it reacts to body temperature and can act as a cooler on hot summer days. Especially when it comes to pajamas. It absorb sweat and dries faster than any other material. When it comes to natural materials, they all adapt to the body and act as a second skin. That is why it’s so important to choose the right material before buying anything. Keep in mind that linen is incredibly soft and it wrinkles. These wrinkles is adapting to the body movements. It also gives that lounging and relaxed fit. It wrinkles to your comfort.

Linen mixed with non-natural fibers?

It’s a hard no for these ones. Any natural material mixed with elastane is no longer sustainable, you can’t recycle it and they are not biodegradable anymore. Also material lose the main properties of linen, like durability, absorption etc.

Linen and other sustainable fabrics.

Linen, organic cotton, silk, bamboo, lyocell, wool, cashmere and etc. These are the main natural and sustainable materials. They are all different and they are all wonderful materials for clothing. As mentioned before all natural fabrics are great at adapting to your body, but they have different feel, look and and different usage also. Linen, silk, bamboo are good fabrics for loungewear, sleepwear or pajamas. Everything that is near body. Lyocell and organic cotton is good for outwear, for dresses and blouses/sweatshirts. Wool and cashmere are the real best friends in the winter for sweaters or knitted dresses.

Why linen is good for sleeping?

ok, we have learned that linen is soft, lightweight, durable, absorbent and perfectly adapts to your body movements. If this doesn’t sound good, I will paint an image for you. It’s morning and you wake up refreshed and rested. You didn’t woke up at night because you were too hot or too cold, your linen pajama took care of that and adapted to your body temperature, to cool you or to warm you. It’s sounds to good to be true, but natural materials are like that, they are here for you. For example sleeping in polyester pajama, would be totally different, because your body feels like its wrapped in a plastic bag and it has no way to breath.

So that is it on short intro into the linen basic and other sustainable fabrics. It’s important to be mindful when buying certain clothing, keep an eye for sustainable and durable fabrics and choose pieces that you can wear more than once or twice! Chose quality over quantity and thank me later!



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