Tips for your fascinating summer festival outfit

Tips for your fascinating summer festival outfit

Somewhere till autumn, we forget some clubs because most of the fun is happening outside, for instance, on the sand. No exception is the summer festivals. However, if you seek to shine as a start, you must prepare an exclusive outfit.

Let’s start with the palette of colors

The majority of festivals have dress codes. Nevertheless, if you know the theme of the party, it couldn’t be a walk in the park to create a glamorous outfit. Of course, it could be significantly tricky to come up with a combination of clothes without any topic. Whereas always we may be accompanied by difficulties, we suggest don't shy to wear bright clothes and be extraordinary.

Indeed, linen clothes could be the most exclusive ones. If you would like to find something in green, violet, blue or orange, then a linen-made shirt with funky fruits can be the best choice. Also, the garment which I mentioned has many advantages. At first, when you wear a shirt spotted with colorful fruits, would be hefty to catch an eye on you. Moreover, if you decide to wear “Funky fruits” linen shirt during the festival, you could find the lower part of the set without worries. For the most drop-dead gorgeous summer festival look, we suggest suiting by loungewear - a set which is divided by colorful linen shirts and shorts.

Of course, if the shirt isn't enough multicolored, for an entire colors pallet on yourself, wear yellow or blue linen shorts. By the way, wearing colorful loungewear would be comfortable as an old shoe. So, let’s plan your next dance party while wearing a new linen festival outfit.

Next step - prints and variegated patterns

During summer parties we have a lot of time in the sun, though everywhere is muggy. The best way to keep fascinating throughout the day could be to wear a linen shirt #sunaftertherain. From linen made garment is stunning graphic artwork. So, wearing a handmade shirt you would look extraordinary and comfortable because of its freshness after the rain (or maybe only due to the breathable and cool fabric).

Also, the linen shirt which is named “Sun after rain” is a special one. That garment is illustrated by drops of rain and the sun. So, all loungewear set could be concluded by the shirt and yellow or blue shorts (you can decide which one you will suit the most or get both (for the day and night of the festival days)).

Finally, it is a must to put a cherry on top of your final festival outfit. Therefore, the principal colors of the loungewear set are blue and yellow, we suggest do not hesitate and express your support for Ukraine. Maybe in this way, you would get attention not only due to for fascinating look but also for your empathy.

Combine accessories

Somebodies always say that you must wear an unusual accessory to complete the whole outfit. So, when you will create colorfully and spotted by prints festival outfit, don't forget to combine suitable accessories.

For instance, if you prepare for a hippie-style festival, combine your outfit with a flower crown, belt, or hat. Without a doubt, you would feel authentic “Flower child” times when you will suit “Light grey” or “Solid black” linen shirt. Whereas linen is easy to style and match with other clothes, you would be free to be unique. Also, if you would lack ideas on how to match with hippie style, let’s get a grey linen set of a shirt and shorts.

Moreover, for the other themes of festivals or just the most fascinating outfit, it is a must to wear sunglasses and kerchief. When you wear those accessories and a suitable set of linen clothes, for instance, any loungewear, it feels like on your skin and a unique garment fits your weekend vibe.


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