9 tips for better sleep

9 tips for better sleep


Sleep is underrated, it helps us restore and rejuvenate, grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesise hormones, and we take it for granted. We all sometimes pull an all-nighter or sacrifice sleep because of work or studies, but what is essential that we should have a steady sleeping routine. For starters, here are nine tips for a better night’s sleep. Not all should correlate with you, so pick the most suitable ones and include them in your routine.


  1. No screens before sleep for at least an hour

    not only to rest your eyes but for your mind also. We spend more than 8 hours a day staring at screens all day and getting more and more information, so it’s never-ending new information processing in our minds and brains. 

  2. Read a book

    a page, a chapter it doesn’t matter,  just before your sleep, try to relax and read something inspiring, something soothing or creative to teleport yourselves somewhere lovely to have great dreams. 

  3. Meditate or do yoga

    it’s good to just be with yourself, reflect on a day, breathe in, breathe out, and keep in touch with your body and mind.  Be mindful, have a gratefulness diary, and reflect on all the good things that happened today. 

  4. Put on a fresh bed linen

    this trick never gets old. Sleeping in new bedsheets is something out of this world, always so soothing and so refreshing. I remember in childhood when mom changed my sheets. It was like sleeping in a cloud! So do that as often as possible. 

  5. Wear pajamas from a natural material.

    This is super important. Wear pajamas that are made from linen, bamboo, cotton, or silk. Linen pajamas allow your body to breathe easily and controls your temperature, so you are not too cold, not too hot. Love your body and treat it right, buy good linen pajamas, not the synthetics ones, and sleep better. Small details and sometimes not that small, as pajamas material makes a difference.  

  6. Fresh air

    Yes, that simple! Let air into the room before sleeping or sleep with an open window. It regulates the temperature in the room and helps your body to fall asleep faster!

  7. Darken your room

    it’s not a surprise that dark surroundings help you fall asleep faster and have a better and not interrupted sleep. Use an eye mask if your room is too bright, and there is no way of making it darker. 

  8. Drink a chamomile tea

    do I need to say more? Tea fixes everything.  Have a delicious cup of tea, maybe a cookie(?), and get ready for your sleep.

  9. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

    And, of course, the most important one, plan your good night’s sleep, so you could get at least 8 hours of not interrupted night sleep. So go to bed at a reasonable hour, don’t be a  drama queen, and take care of yourself first! 

    Try to implement just a few tips and see how your sleep improves. It’s super important to be mindful of your sleeping routine and to adapt to your own needs. So listen to your body and your mind, take care! Night night!
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